[Tweet] Trans tweet U-Kwon

Posted on: May 16, 2011

22 hours a go:

라됴 끝~~ 날씨 왜케 좋은거임.. 피곤함이 사라지네 ㅋㅋ
[eng trans]: “Radio finished~~ Why is the weather so good.. My tiredness goes away keke”
[ind trans]: “Radio selesai~~ Mengapa cuaca sangat bagus.. Kelelahan saya hilang keke”
14 hours a go:
스승의 은혜 감사드립니다-!
[eng trans]: “Teacher’s gratuity thank you-!”
10 hours a go:
[eng trans]: “Finsihed”
[ind trans]: “Selesai”
9 hours a go:
[eng trans]: “Good night~^^”
[ind trans]: “selamat malam~^^ “
*cr: @U_Kwon
eng trans: @TweetontheBlock
ind trans: @blockbindo

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