[NEWS] 11.05.18 Cho PD “We Must Protect Our Artist”

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Known for his fearless music style and straightforward lyrics of social criticism, artist Cho PD was known to be the “bad guy” within the music industry. However, he recently started being a judge for audition programs as well as producing his own rookie group, which showed him taking one step closer into becoming a more “gentle” guy.

While the music industry began to lose its catchy taste with “hook songs,” Cho PD came out with a song called “Friend” with Insooni, and became one of the few musicians who could speak freely within the music industry. We asked about his recent whereabouts, and he laughed and answered, “I was just a company employee.”

In addition, Cho PD stated, “I’ve completed my own album, I had to set it back for 4-5 years for Block B. It was suppose to be released in November 2011, but I had to postpone it because of Block B’s schedule. I’m going to release it sometime this year,” which showed his love for Block B and amazed us for his sacrifices.

We asked him if it was okay to look forward to another hit just like “Friend,” Cho PD answered, “Many people are expecting something like that but it’s nothing like it,” and, “Because the preparation was so long, I’m planning to release three albums at once. You might see the same colors from the 1st and 2nd albums.”

There has been a lot of controversy about the banning of certain lyrics. We carefully asked Cho PD about his new album on whether it will contain his straightforward lyrics about social criticism, and he answered, “Because different broadcasts have their own standards, I try to make sure that I take them into consideration when writing lyrics,” which showed his honest opinions.

In addition, Cho PD also stated, “I understand that because there are certain interest groups and broadcasters, they have to make rules to some extent. However, I find it complete nonsense when a third party who has nothing to do with the broadcast is the one raising the issue.”

We asked for his suggestions on how to express yourself without feeling repressed, and he answered without hesitation, “I put a parental advisory sticker.” We asked whether he felt any regrets with the rookie group Block B, and he replied, “Block B had their lyrics evaluated as well, but it wasn’t a big issue to worry about. However, because the members and fans are all young, it wasn’t necessary to put the sticker on them. Of course it’s important for the company’s opinion, but it’s also important to consider the members’ opinions, so I took them into consideration.”

We mentioned about the controlling issue with copyrights, and he said, “There are habits within the industry and when we are aware of them, we need to do something about them, and also, we need to make sure that we’re protecting our artists from such environments, so that’s why I’ve been watching over them [Block B].”

Because of his honest answers, we asked Cho PD what he thought about the show program “I’m a Singer.” He also wrote on his personal Twitter about how he praised Im Jae Bum which captured the netizens’ attention. Cho PD chuckled and said, “I had a song ready in 2010 that I wanted Im Jae Bum to feature in, but I missed my timing when working with Block B. Even though he was already famous, he became even more famous which made me blame myself for being lazy while writing on my Twitter.”

We asked if he ever thought about joining “I’m a Singer,” but he laughed and said, “My wife told me to try it (laughs) but I haven’t received the invitation. Although I won’t make it first place since they judge based upon vocal talent, I’m not too bad at singing. (laughs) My wife wanted me to show that side of me, but I’ve decided to focus on Block B and work hard.”

Lastly, we asked him about the survival of no more than 2 weeks with some artists who entered into the market, and he answered, “I noticed it within the music industry, but nowadays it seems like the Korean market turned into a fast pace market. Hallyu is getting much bigger and there are many international fans. As long as you prepare the process from training to debut well, there will be a chance to bloom into the Korean market. There’s just a lot of artists nowadays, so I don’t feel any big worries.”

Source: http://bntnews.hanky…3&mode=sub_view
Translated By: Solly @ INTERNATIONAL BLOCK


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