[Cafe] 11.06.30 B-Bomb’s message

Posted on: July 2, 2011

Hello BBC everyone~!!!
This is B-Bomb!!!

We’ve been quiet these days right..??

I’ve been hearing complaints here and there so I’m finally posting a message!
I heard that our mini album’s sales went up to 2nd place!!!
All of us seven members are truly thanking our fans right now!!!
We’ve been able to confirm BBC’s strength once again! (The best!!!)

We had our comeback,
and we’re sorry for not showing ourselves on broadcasts frequently,
so we’re feeling very disappointed after another..
Finally this Saturday!!!
You can catch us on stage at MBC Music Core!!!
If many, many of you come to watch us, we will seriously, seriously show our greatest appearance on the greatest stage!!!
Those who cannot come to watch us, I will believe that you will watch our performance through broadcast!!!
See you Saturday~!!!
Bye bye+ㅁ=

P.S Kyung is next to me and wants me to tell you guys that he loves you all!!!

Translated By: Solly @
Edited By: Solly @


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