[CAFE] 110707 Block B MTV Match Up MT Part (Behind)

Posted on: July 8, 2011


Did everyone watch yesterday’s Match Up episode?
If you haven’t, please hurry and watch it^^

Block B members at the set of the shore!

At first they were hesitant to go in, but they had so much fun!

Now they started to look for ingredients for their dinner!

Yesterday’s Match Up highlight?
Teams were divided for putting on mud^^
Visual Park Kyung gave a lot of laughter to you guys right? keke
Taeil also put on a lot, but he was beaten by Park Kyung…. Poor thing;;

Although we wanted to capture all of them putting on the mud……..
While I was taking pictures of B-Bomb… I also…
Ended up only capturing B-Bomb;
But he came out really, really great so hope you’ll enjoy^^

We present you a very good looking neighborhood oppa from Kanghwa-do! Tada!

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: Solly @ BLOCKBINTL




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