[Pict] 11.07.07 [YOZM] MTV Match Up updates/photos

Posted on: July 8, 2011

“[매치업] 꺄 매치업의 인기가 날로 하늘을 찌르는 것 같군요홍홍홍홍홍홍홀홇홓 인기가 세상에 1000을 바라보고 있습니다. 기념하야 어제 방송되었던 엠티 사진 살짝 공개합미당 >< 어떻게 저길 들어가냐고 하던 블락비 맞나요? ㅋㅋ”

“[Match Up] Kya~ Match Up’s popularity is rising high as if it was poking the sky hohohohohohohohoho The life of the popularity is looking to live until 1000. We’re sharing you some of the photos at the MT that was already aired >< Are these the same Block B who asked how can they go in there? keke”
(T/N: MT is another word for training camp or camp)



Source: YOZM
Translated By: Solly @BLOCKBINTL

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