[OFFICIAL] Block B’s Social Media Accounts & Related Personnel

Posted on: November 4, 2011





Brand New Stardom (Label) –….332/posts?hl=en
Cho PD (Boss) –….004/posts?hl=en



Management Team

Cho PD (Boss) –!/peedeebaby
Kim Jung Ho (김정호) (President) –!/jay4744
Lee Seung Young (이승영) (Director) –!/Bsboss63
Brand New Stardom (Label) –…brandNEWStardom
Block B (Official) –!/BlockB7
Noel (Fan Manager) –!/noel9987
Kim Jong Hwan (김종환) (Manager) –!/jjonghi1026

Music Production Team

Rhymer (Brand New Music) –!/BIGRhymer
Assbrass (Composer) –!/assbrass
Track_NoH (Composer) –!/Track_NoH
Masterkey (Composer) –!/masterkey77

Stylist Team

Minyoung (민영) (Stylist) –!/lllll90ll

Choreography Team

Lee Sang Geun (이상근) (Head Choreographer) –!/tiptopdancer
Giant (TMF Choreographer) –!/TMF_Giant
Scar (TMF Choreographer) –!/TMF_Scar
Sylves (TMF Choreographer) –!/TMF_Sylves

Brand New Stardom Labelmates

Miss $ Yumi (Labelmate) –!/xoxoyumi
Miss $ Jace (Labelmate) –!/j2thaace
Jung Seul Gi (정슬기) (Labelmate) –!/stardomSG

MTV Production Team

MTV Korea –!/MTVKorea
Moon Sun Young (문선영) (MTV PD) –!/doowoon_C



Brand New Stardom (Official) –

(via: blockbintl)


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