111219 CeCi Magazine Interview – January Edition

Posted on: December 21, 2011

Zico (1992)

Pre-Debut: Real name is Woo Jiho. I used to perform in Hongdae before I made my debut. I’m a big-shot leader also in charge of rap making and producing.

Ideal Type: An innocent face, a voluminous body. I love it when a bagel girl is hard at work, concentrating on something. (I’m not a pervert. It’s my personal taste, so please respect that.)

Good Deed: I took out the first money I ever earned from copyright in cash and gave it to my parents.

Goal: Produce a hit track.

Message to your future self: Work hard without losing who you are at the center. Gain insight. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is morally sound, and think about your answer.


B-Bomb (1990)

Pre-Debut: Bibum means to be better than who you are. B-Bomb’s real name is Lee Minhyuk.

Most confident body part: High butt.

Favorite Phrase: “You’re the best.”

Hope: Getting Block B out there and being acknowledged for our skills. My personal goal is to become someone I can be honest with myself to.

Ideal Type: Someone who’s charming when they laugh. It’d be a plus if they had a dimple. For example, ‘Coffee Prince’ Yoon Eun Hye.

TO Block B: Let’s never lose who we are at the roots.


Jaehyo (1990)

Pre-Debut: I thought I’d be a music video actor.

Charm: I’m sub-vocalist Jaehyo, who’s not only caring, but also has a great personality.

Most confident body part: Abs, back muscles, pubic bone

What does it mean to be a man: Deep on the inside, not the outside, and have a lot of understanding. Also be broad-minded.

Ways to ease your mind: Lamaze breathing, nerve pills

Goal: Singer King of 2012

To Fan: Please only love us until you die. Don’t run away from us!


P.O. (1993)

Pre-Debut: Chosen through a public audition at Lotte World for Block B. My voice makes me sound like the oldest, but I’m actually the maknae.

Rule amongst members: Don’t act fake.

Secret amongst members: Everyone, U-Kwon hyung and B-Bomb hyung also wear shoe lifts.

Happiest moment: When I battled the booger in my left nostril for 40 minutes and finally let it see the light.

When I write lyrics: I ask myself whether people can connect to it and edit it accordingly.

Ideal Type: A girl that uses chopsticks prettily.

Goal: To become someone’s goal.


Taeil (1990)

Pre-Debut: The owner of 800 tropical fish. I’m a oppa next door that loves motorcycles as well as your main vocalist. I’m also a cool guy that confidently reveals his real height to be 167 cm.

When the members gather: It becomes a mixture of craziness.

Most confident body part: My precious vocal cords, given to me by my parents.

Good Deed: A grandma was selling garlic by a street so I bought $4 worth of it. She smiled at me.

Two things you want from God: 1) A bank account with $10 million USD in it. 2) To be able to see who I was in my previous life.


Park Kyung (1992)

Pre-Debut: Joined Block B thanks to my friend, Zico. I studied in New Zealand and the States.

#1 member in: Adlibs.

Most confident body part: My thick, natural double eyelids.

Ideal Type: Someone that cares for others without trying to make it obvious.

Worst thing you did in your life: I tattled to my mom that my brother was watching porn.

Goal: Become important in the industry.

Fans don’t know: Nobody can recognize Jaehyo without his make up.

To fan: Please stay in line so that nobody gets hurt. Our fans are just too passionate sometimes.

U-Kwon (1992)

Pre-Debut: I was a normal student specializing in mechatronics at Anyang High School. I’m now in charge of dancing and smiling.

#1 member in: Playing by myself.

Most confident body part: Nose. People always ask me if I ever got any work done. Hoot.

Best Friend: My older brother by six years.

Ideal Type: A woman that matches short hair cuts.

Three things you want from God: 1) Height of 180 cm. 2) Better at singing. 3) Better at dancing.

Favorite Time: 12 PM and 6 PM because they’re meal times.

Source: CeCi Magazine (January 2012)


*maaf y belum d translate k indo >.<


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