[CYWORLD] 120315 Taeil’s update/ White Day

Posted on: March 15, 2012


줄사람도 딱히 없고…인생헛살았나보다
줄사람이 없다니.

자 이건 BBC들꺼다
열심히 다른이름으로저장 하느라 힘들었음
자 요기

아 일촌평쓴건 나름 화이트데이 선물이였다 훗 *ㅡㅡ*
그리고 화이트데이에 맞게 홈피도 화이트로 미리
맞춘거였다. 근데 아무도 모르는듯 ㅡㅡ

It was White Day today.
I don’t have anyone to give these to in particular… I must’ve lived life the wrong way to not have anyone to give them to.

Now, this is for BBC’s.
I worked hard on renaming the files and it was hard.
Here it is

Ah, leaving comments on your friend’s comment board was in a way a gift for White Day hoot *ㅡㅡ*
And to suit White Day I changed the hompy background to white beforehand.
But nobody noticed ㅡㅡ



Source: Taeil’s Cyworld
Translated By: soulmusiq @


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