[CAFE] 120328 Block B Mister Rehearsal Video + Good Friends Concert Official Photos

Posted on: March 30, 2012


” Shall we watch the Block B members’ rehearsals for Mister together?Watch out carefully for those who can twist their waist well, or if anyone made a mistake!Okay! Let’s start! “

Source: BB-CLUB

Translated By: kroongho @


” Block B is currently practicing their scriptIt’s in Japanese so the members are having trouble.But you should still work hard guys~ “

” I went to Block B’s Japanese concert~How was the sight of the members from the Japanese concert stage?I’m just sorry I couldn’t get a front-viewBecause there aren’t a lot of pictures! But I’m revealing them!(I’m sorry for the messy pictures ㅠㅠ) “


” It was a rehearsal stage, but did you enjoy Block B’s Mister butt-dance uploaded in the picture room?The members who completed an awesome stage,Everyone click!They said didn’t want to leave with this image but I’m passing it on to you guys.. ㅋㅋ “


Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: Youngha @


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