[CAFE] 120414 Block B’s Message for BBC

Posted on: April 15, 2012


Block B’s Message for BBC
U-KWON: BBC ♥ Thank you so much
ZICO: BBC! Your presence is too large to be defined as a mere ‘fan’! I always feel sorry and grateful towards you! I love you!
TAEIL: It’s already been a year. I don’t even know how time passed… We’ll be sure to give back to all the BBC by our side who have always reliably cheered us on.
KYUNG: BBCs! It’s been a fun year! Let’s be together for longer~ I love you ♥
B-BOMB: Thank you so much for being with us from the beginning up to this point. We’ll give back by showing an even better side of us to match the love you always give. Love you BBC.
JAEHYO: We’ll work hard and give it our all, so please love us for a long long time. To the fans I’m always thankful for, and who make me happy!
P.O: You’ve watched over me as I went from my 10’s to my 20’s, so I hope you can watch over me as well as I go from my 20’s to my 30’s! Please always be by our side and cheer us onㅋㅋ

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @


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