[CAFE] 120416 P.O’s Message for BBC

Posted on: April 16, 2012

Hello everyone~ this is P.O who’s leaving a message a bit late.
To be honest, when Block B first debuted, just like other amazing male groups we wanted to come out with a “BANG”, having long performances but instead they were cut, and our fans weren’t given enough seats to be seated in
but because of your love and trust we were able to stand tall and show our confidence on stage despite of our short performances.
But for fans like this instead of making better music, and showing a better performance as a rookie group
we made a mistake causing it to come out on the news (sigh….) I sincerely apologize again.
With this opportunity we will mature and become a better Block B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can say that it was a long or short year but thank you very very very much for believing and loving us,
I love you and please continue to love us~~ ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lastly, although we aren’t as good looking as other male groups, or tall, and even if we don’t look after our image,
we will strive to make music that can give you strength, and work harder so we aren’t compared to others and be unique, and show cool performances.
So that you can confidently tell people that those singers are the singers that I like!
Thank you for your love and support for the past year. Please continue to support and love us~~~
Posted by one of the Block B gorilla’s who’s youngest and has a deep voice, P.O gorilla

Oh yeah, when Kyungie hyung wrote “letter” for his title it made my toes curl
(T/N: “to make your toes curl” means to feel very uncomfortable usually because of embarrassment.)


Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: soulmusiq @

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