[CYWORLD] 120419 Kyung’s update/diary

Posted on: April 20, 2012

사실 전 싸이안하는척하면서 다 보고있었죠 방명록 빠짐없이 매일 읽고있었어요 제가 안보는척할때도 글을 남겨준 이쁜사람들 기억하고있어요 ^^! 굿밤!

The truth is even when I was pretending to not go on cyworld I was still checking everything. I read the guestbook comments every day without fail. I remember all the pretty ones who leave messages even during the times I pretend to not be looking over them^^! Goodnight!

Source: Kyung’s Cyworld
Translated By: kroongho @


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