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1. Introduction


2. Sync 100%


3. Nanlina (Edit)


4. Wanna B


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5. Nanlina


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6. Let’s Retarded (Kyung’s focus)


7. Sync 100%


8. Nanlina


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9. Sync 100% (Taeil’s focus)


10. Nanlina


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11. Nanlina (U-Bomb’s multi cam)

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1. Close My eyes (Jaehyo’s focus)


2. Let’s Get retarded (Jaehyo’s focus)

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3.  Nanlina (Taeil’s focus)


4. Close My Eyes (Taeil’s focus)


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1. B-bomb’s focus

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2.  Nanlina ( Jaehyo’s focus)

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3.  Talk (P.O’s focus)


4. Nanlina reherseal (P.O’s focus)


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5. Kyung’s focus


6. Jaehyo’s focus


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7. U-Kwon’s focus

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8. Nanlina

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9. Wanna B

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10. Talk

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11. Wanna B (P.O’s focus)


12. Nanlina (P.O’s focus)


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1. Run To You

2. Let’s Get Retarded

3. Synch 100%

4. B-bomb’s Talk

5. PO edit

6. Jaehyo’s talk

7. Nanlina (edit)

*via: idoleemo at yt
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