[ FANCAM ] 120802 Chungju Lake Festival

Posted on: August 7, 2012

1. Run To You

2. Let’s Get Retarded

3. Synch 100%

4. B-bomb’s Talk

5. PO edit

6. Jaehyo’s talk

7. Nanlina (edit)

*via: idoleemo at yt

8. Nanlina (Jaehyo’s focus)

9. Run To You (Jaehyo’s focus)

10. Sync 100% (Jaehyo’s focus)

11. Let’s Get Retarded (Jaehyo’s focus)

12. Ment (Jaehyo)

*via: jaehyohouse

13. Sync 100% (P.O’s focus)

14. Run To You (P.O’s focus)

15. Nanlina (P.O’s focus)

16. Let’s Get Retarded (P.O’s focus)

*via: pyonizom at yt

17. Sync 100% (Taeil’s focus)

*via: OMG TAEIL  at yt

18. Let’s Get Retarded (B-bomb n Kyung)

19. Nanlina (B-bomb’s Focus)

*via: 12140708 at yt

20. Run To You (B-bomb’s focus)

*via:  at yt

21. Sync 100% (B-bomb’s focus)

*via:  at yt


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