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This is a representative of Block B.

I will be explaining about the stamp event that was already mentioned by the chairman.

An event that we will be looking forward to all of your participation? ^^

BBC everyone, we ask many of you to participate!

This stamp event was made for Block B’s fanclub, BBC.

If you want to prove yourself as being a BBC, please participate in this event!

BBC How to Prove

Connect with Block B’s official BBC fan cafe!
After you’ve opened and printed the ‘My Info,’ upload a photo of yourself with Block B’s mini album to show your proof!

Stamp Event Duration

This event will start from comeback’s performance until their promotions for their mini album ends.

How to Participate in the Stamp Event

After you’ve received your event card at the site and given your name and contact,
you will receive a stamp from one of the officers.

(Write down your name, cafe nickname & activity nickname altogether ^^)

We will be giving a special gift to those who received the most stamps during the event.

(We will reveal what the gifts are later!)

After you confirmed being on the site, the officers will stamp for one person per event.

They will only stamp before the entrance, so they will not give a stamp after the broadcast ends.

– If you’ve already got all the stamps on one card, please ask for another new card!

Please don’t lose your cards that have all the stamps filled ^^

Broadcast Stations That Will Give You a Stamp

We will not stamp for Mnet Countdown since they require admission fee.

Because only those who have admission tickets to Music Bank are allowed for entrance,
the officer will not be at the site but those who have been admitted, you will need
to send your captures (aka proof) to the officer so that you can get the stamp at the next broadcast.

Please send your captures to the following email:

* Even though you went to the broadcast, you still need to send us your capture or it will not count.

For Music Core and Inkigayo, certain fan clubs can enter so we will only stamp for those who can enter.

We will stamp before the recording of the first half of MTV The Show,
and when the second half is about to start, we will stamp again before the recording starts. (Total of 2 Stamps)


This will go along with the official schedule that the event officer will attend.

Bring your identification! We will only stamp after you have identified yourself.

(Your identification must have your birthday, name, and photo of yourself)

Those who are getting stamps for others,
we will confiscate any stamps that have been tampered with.

We will not replace any lost event card. (No Attendance Record)

Because this event was created for those who can attend the broadcast, we understand the hardship for those who are coming from non-metropolitan areas.

We will create a separate event for those from non-metropolitan areas, so please hang in there ^^

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