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Hello everyone~ this is P.O who’s leaving a message a bit late.
To be honest, when Block B first debuted, just like other amazing male groups we wanted to come out with a “BANG”, having long performances but instead they were cut, and our fans weren’t given enough seats to be seated in
but because of your love and trust we were able to stand tall and show our confidence on stage despite of our short performances.
But for fans like this instead of making better music, and showing a better performance as a rookie group
we made a mistake causing it to come out on the news (sigh….) I sincerely apologize again.
With this opportunity we will mature and become a better Block B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can say that it was a long or short year but thank you very very very much for believing and loving us,
I love you and please continue to love us~~ ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lastly, although we aren’t as good looking as other male groups, or tall, and even if we don’t look after our image,
we will strive to make music that can give you strength, and work harder so we aren’t compared to others and be unique, and show cool performances.
So that you can confidently tell people that those singers are the singers that I like!
Thank you for your love and support for the past year. Please continue to support and love us~~~
Posted by one of the Block B gorilla’s who’s youngest and has a deep voice, P.O gorilla

Oh yeah, when Kyungie hyung wrote “letter” for his title it made my toes curl
(T/N: “to make your toes curl” means to feel very uncomfortable usually because of embarrassment.)


Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: soulmusiq @

[ZICO] Leaving my first message

Having a unified dream under the name of Block B, experiencing hardships we could never know the outcome of, there were at times enjoyable and at times endlessly exhausting and difficult moments of training that seemed like mere minutes ago. But looking back, a year’s time has already unknowingly flown past us.
You know what I’m trying to say here right?..
You are the ones who give us the most recognition even if we are deemed shabby; you share in our joys and sorrows as we experience and take every breath together. The space allotted for our fans (in events) may be small, but your enthusiastic cheers still manage to bring our spirits up. Your presence is too large to be defined as mere ‘fans’.
BBC!! I’m always sorry and thankful!
You all have become reliable friends who always remained no matter what ..!
The one year we have spent with everyone, whether that time was long or short, is now a memory I’ll never forget for my entire life. I love you.

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @


Block B’s Message for BBC
U-KWON: BBC ♥ Thank you so much
ZICO: BBC! Your presence is too large to be defined as a mere ‘fan’! I always feel sorry and grateful towards you! I love you!
TAEIL: It’s already been a year. I don’t even know how time passed… We’ll be sure to give back to all the BBC by our side who have always reliably cheered us on.
KYUNG: BBCs! It’s been a fun year! Let’s be together for longer~ I love you ♥
B-BOMB: Thank you so much for being with us from the beginning up to this point. We’ll give back by showing an even better side of us to match the love you always give. Love you BBC.
JAEHYO: We’ll work hard and give it our all, so please love us for a long long time. To the fans I’m always thankful for, and who make me happy!
P.O: You’ve watched over me as I went from my 10’s to my 20’s, so I hope you can watch over me as well as I go from my 20’s to my 30’s! Please always be by our side and cheer us onㅋㅋ

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @

[Park Kyung] Letter

Hi BBCs!!
To express myself better I’m going to write in banmal and I ask for your understanding..

Hi!!!!!!! Seems like it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to leave a message for the fans.
Even so, you shouldn’t think that I don’t visit here often! In fact this is the very first place I visit when I use the computer..ㅋㅋ!!
In just 2-3 hours it’ll have been 1 year… 1 year after debut….. it’s already been 1 year…. 1 year……
It feels like a dream, really. It was but a year ago that we were overwhelmed and made our first debut stage in a music program..
And now we have all these BBCs behind us cheering for us and loving us!!!!!!!!!!!!
We experienced lots of good things, and of course there were bad things as well but
I always pass my days with the feeling of gratitude in me. It’s been like that up until this point, and will surely remain from now onward.
You were the ones who have made me feel this thankful.
Someone who likes me does give me strength, that’s for sure,
But at least to Block B, at least to me, it’s like BBC has been more than just that.. (uh… ugh…embarrassing…)
The past year has been so vivid in my mind..
And in those vivid memories we were always with you, and that makes me happier.
In my own way I tried to express myself to you guys but there were times when it wouldn’t come out right..
But still our goddess BBCs will understand right?..ㅋ..ㅋㅋBBC goddesses..!!
You guys have become one of the few I consider dear to me…
I won’t disappoint you. I won’t go anywhere and will stay beside you so you guys promise me the same thing!!!
No matter what, always be with us. Support us.
Because you are my strength. With you here I can gain strength!!!!
Thank you so much for congratulating Block B as we celebrate our first year.
Even after 1, 2, 3 years, and even when we have our 2nd, 3rd year anniversary
I hope that I will be able to write here in this place, to you, the very same people, and that we can still be happy together.

I love you.BBC

2012.4.14 8:41 PM
Few hours before the 1st anniversary.
An overwhelmed Park Kyung

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @


” Shall we watch the Block B members’ rehearsals for Mister together?Watch out carefully for those who can twist their waist well, or if anyone made a mistake!Okay! Let’s start! “

Source: BB-CLUB

Translated By: kroongho @


” Block B is currently practicing their scriptIt’s in Japanese so the members are having trouble.But you should still work hard guys~ “

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예~~! 워썹 BBC!!!
오늘은 1년에 한번 기분좋은 크리스마스 날이에요!!!!!!!!!!
저희 블락비들도 공연을 하러가서 지금 준비를 하고있어요.
항상 응원해주셔서 너무너무 고마워요 진심으로
이제 컴백 얼마남지 않았으니까 기대 이~~~~~~~~~~만큼 해주시구요!ㅋㅋ
기쁜 크리스마스,연말 되시길 기도할께요.
앞으로도 더 잘생겨지는 박경이 되도록 노력하겠습니다.
그리고..그 뭐야
저희가 오그라드는걸 잘못해요..
맘에 있어도 표현을 잘 못해요.
그 오늘은 그래도 특별한 날이니깐..







Eng Trans:

Yeah~~! Wassup BBC!!!
Today is Christmas day, the one day out of the year where we can be happy!!!!!!!!!!!
Block B is currently preparing for our concert.
I’d like to genuinely thank you so, so much for always supporting us.
There isn’t much time left until the comeback so please anticipate th~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~is much! ㅋㅋ
I’ll pray for everyone to have a happy Christmas and year-end.
I promise to work hard to become a more handsome Park Kyung.
And.. what was I going to say..
We’re not good at saying cheesy things..
Even if it’s in our hearts, it’s hard to express it.
But since today’s a special day..

BBC everyone..


Really, really..

Love you….<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ind Trans:

Yeah~~! Wassup BBC!!!
Hari ini adalah Hari Natal, salah satu hari di satu tahun dimana kita bahagia!!!!!!!!!!!
Block B sekarang sedang persiapan konser.
Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih, terima kasih banyak telah mendukung kami.
Tidak ada waktu banyak sampai comeback kami jadi tolong tunggu in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i! ㅋㅋ
Saya doakan semua mempunyai Natal dan Akhir tahun yang bahagia.

Saya berjani untuk bekerja keras untuk menjadi Park Kyung yang lebih tampan.I promise to work hard to become a more handsome Park Kyung.

Dan..apa yang ingin saya katakan..
Kami tidak terlalu bagus dalam mengucapkan sesuatu yang “cheesy”
Bahkan jika ini di dalam hati kita, ini sulit untuk mengungkapkannya.
Tetapi sejak hari ini adalah hari yang istimewa..
Semua BBC..


Sangat, sangat..




Source: BB-Club
English Translated by: vitalsign @ BLOCKBINTL

Indo Trans: visualkyung

Cafe dari Cho PD buat Block B & BBC


This is a quote from a book I read this weekend.  “It may not boil at 99 degrees, but it will begin to boil at 100.”

What temperature are we at now?  I woke up in the early morning, got ready, and attended the camera rehearsal, but I did not see the members’ stage in the end. (I was, however, curious how the two minute arrangement would come out to be like ㅋㅋ)

I don’t know when I began organizing my thoughts in my dark office over the weekend like this, but it’s now become a part of my life and a moment of rest.

We may not be sure what temperature we’re at now (I hope it’s not too low ^^) but I am positive that it is now that we must become fired up.

BB & BBC fighting~!!